Gynonotes is a select group of applications that are available for both the lay public and physicians.  By utilizing Apple iphones unique operating system it allows medical information to always be accessible.  These represent stand alone applications that work from the iphone and may be synchronized with both Mac and PC computers.

Healthometer is a application for patients that keeps track of your medical history, surgical history, medications etc. It includes a list of over 500 medications, drug strengths and frequencies.  The patient has the capability of always having their medical histories close to hand with the capability of printing this information for office visits with their physicians or emergency room visits.

Gynotations has been written for OB/GYN’s in an effort to keep track of their obstetrical, surgical and hospitalized patients.  Automatically, it is able to make reports regarding surgical cases, CPT codes and other diagnostic criteria that is useful for billing personnel.  Reports are generated for patient charts.  As well, operative reports may be simply generated for multiple procedures with just a few clicks.

On Caller  helps to keep track of all patient phone calls after hours and during weekends.  Text messages from your answering service are able to be modified to include prescriptions called in and recommendations given to the patients.  Reports are able to be automatically printed from the iPhone or your computer.

Improving patient care